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BlabTalk Live: Episode 8, Musical Memories

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For a Friday night, the internet was hoppin’ on BlabTalk Live!

Joel and Vincenzo hosted a musical memory game where viewers would jump in and recall a memory they had when a specific song was played.

Guests of all ages enjoyed tunes from the 50’s through the 90’s, talking about a place in time they are transported to when hearing that tune.

What do you think of this nostalgic game? Drop a comment below, or tweet us anytime.

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BlabTalkLive: Episode 6 with Heroes Star, David H. Lawrence XVII

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The funniest BlabTalkLive to date. From amazing banter with Joel and Vincenzo, to incredible impressions, David H. Lawrence XVII brought the heat!

David did a great job fielding questions about becoming an actor, how to use his Rehearsal app and the ins and outs in the industry.

You have to check this out.

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