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GUEST POST: 10 Steps for Strategically Increasing Connections through Blab Networking

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It has been two weeks since my life was forever changed. My godson, Brad, (thanks @NextGenBizMan) contacted and said he wanted to show me something that would “knock my socks off.” Boy was he right! When I saw Blab for the first time, my life was forever changed. I was thrilled to see this new live streaming social medium that would enable me to build a personal and business presence while creating community engagement.

Fast forward two weeks later, I have had the privilege of been engaged in countless Blab sessions (both as a host and a participant.) The major “BFO” (blinding flash of the obvious) was to realize that Blab causes people to transition from casual networkers, through Facebook or Twitter, to active networkers and become engaged and acquainted in a live streaming format unlike any other I have EVER participated in.

The morning after I learned about Blab, I had the privilege of participating with a virtual network with business owners in the United Kingdom, and was able to instantly meet and converse with business owners I would never have had the chance to meet. That was truly life changing networking for me. Personally, I have been networking for the past 40 years. Mostly in a fashion of striking up a conversation with anyone at any time, even though I didn’t know them personally. I was thrilled when social media format was released – Facebook, and Twitter.  It allowed me to network with people that I did not actually meet in person. I could realize the synergies that exist among us and reach out to them to connect. So social networking became a tremendous gift to my life. So imagine my excitement now with Blab’s release and the ability to virtually
network and talk to people of all interests, all ages, all over the world. I truly felt my life changed forever seeing Blab for the first time because it has opened up more doors of opportunity in two weeks.  Having a Facebook and Twitter account for 5-7 years, I have a huge increase in my social capital, connecting with like minded people.

My Twitter engagements have gone through the roof. My Twitter follows have increased dramatically and I am actually conversing with many of them. I am currently working in a synergistic capacity with 15 people I met through Blab, that I would never have truly come to know if we were simply sharing Twitter profiles with each other. All of this truly is life-changing and has caused me to lose sleep over.

The range of applications for Blab is virtually endless. I have always yearned for something in my career to bring a level of excitement and interest that could be sustained for the rest of my life. With Blab, I think I have found it. If I ever feel the need to talk to a friend, and no one is available, Blab will be there and someone I can converse with and share ideas with!

The key reasons I enjoy Blab are:

  1. Blab gives Facebook and Twitter interaction a whole new twist that allows people to truly connect and talk about synergies.
  2. Blab allows people to break down barriers and provides opportunities to connect with individuals they may have never come in contact with either by socio-economic status, age or geography.
  3. Blab provides a forum of sharing unlike any other. It helps those who may feel isolated, have a social group they can belong to without restrictions.

10 Action Steps for Strategically Increasing Your Connections through BlabNetworking

(Pre BlabNetworking: Remember that first impressions still count when it comes to Blab. so dress for success and consider how you want to look to those you want to meet and what appears in the background when you are on camera.)

  1. Visit a Blab session with a topic that you find you have a synergy with.
  2. Observe the conversation and comments left in the Comment Box by participants.
  3. Select 3-5 participants to connect with, and reach out to them to request a connection, by commenting such as this “@referrals1to1 – I would like to connect with you.”
  4. View the Twitter profiles of those you have reached out to, and follow them.
  5. Send a Direct Message to them requesting to connect such as this:“@referrals1to1 – We connected on Blab session.”  Indicate the Blab session keyword. “When is a good time for us to chat?”
  6. Determine a mutually agreeable time to meet, and talk by Twitter Instant Messenger, Skype, Google Hangout, or by phone.
  7. Take your BlabNetworking to the next level and each participant shares information about their business, or their life path.
    What I find to be a fascinating question to ask, is, “What has your career path been?”In asking individuals I have connected with, I have found many similarities in our career path or career experiences that have really enriched our new friendship and taken it to a new level.
  8. Determine if there is a way for the two of you to work together, to host a Blab, to write a blog post, work on an initiative together, or become Facebook friends, etc.
  9. Provide them with some information or resource, edify them by including them in a Blog post or article about their business.
  10. Keep your BlabNetworking going, by following up on anything you offer to do, or resources you mentioned you would provide to help them.

Using these 10 steps, you will dramatically increase the number and quality of your network through Blab. You will unlock countless opportunities that could never be full realized in any other format of networking. The Law of Reciprocity will offer you plenty of rewards for offering value to your new friend through Blab.



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BlabTalk Live: Episode 8, Musical Memories

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For a Friday night, the internet was hoppin’ on BlabTalk Live!

Joel and Vincenzo hosted a musical memory game where viewers would jump in and recall a memory they had when a specific song was played.

Guests of all ages enjoyed tunes from the 50’s through the 90’s, talking about a place in time they are transported to when hearing that tune.

What do you think of this nostalgic game? Drop a comment below, or tweet us anytime.

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BlabTalkLive Episode 7: Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag – All Grown Up

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They say hindsight is 20/20.

Pride makes us artificial, humility makes us real

-Thomas Merton

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag of MTV’s “The Hills” fame, amongst other reality TV follow-ups, joined Joel and I to talk about what they’re up to now and how they got to where they are.

If you have any pre-concieved notions about these two, I encourage you to see how a life that appears glamorous, can in fact, cut you down and make you see the light.

Enjoy this episode and tweet us your feedback by clicking here.

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How BlabTalk Provided Clean Water for 100 People!

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Water. H2O. Aqua. Agua.

Call it what you wish, if you’re reading this, you likely have access to clean water.

In fact, if you’re reading this, you likely flush toilet water that’s cleaner than what some people have access to.. for drinking!

“1 Billion people lack access to safe water”

Friday night, Blab Talk LIVE wanted to feature Ken Surritte of Due to technical difficulties, we couldn’t get Ken in live. A shame we couldn’t get him on, however, Ken had boots on the ground. This man is out there saving lives, all we could do is sit back in awe or take some action to support.

Take a look at this video to understand what it is we were talking about.

What happened next was nothing short of amazing. Here is what some of the viewers had to say:

“WOW, what a night, huh? We are all new friends, but it was so warming to see everyone get behind and support a cause that was new to me as I am sure it was for many.  The fact that we  go through cases of bottled water, without ever giving a thought to the fact that there are children that have NO potable water is beyond my comprehension! I’m so proud to be a part of something so amazing. This was history in the making!” – Jacki Winsish

Jacki makes a great point. History in the making. Joel and I did not set out to raise money before the episode launched. Our goal was to bring awareness to a cool charity and hoped some people would donate some money. Yet again, this shows the power of new friends, made on Blab, and how they can come together for a greater good.

“I jumped onto a Blab tonight because I recognized the hosts, knowing there would be good conversation, something I could learn, and familiar banter. What I did not expect was an outpouring of generosity from folks, who probably hadn’t ever conversed face-to-face B.B. (Before Blab). 

JilleySue (Jill McCarthy) jumps in offering to auction off her Yeti microphone because she felt moved. John takes the brave step of bidding. Others jump in. The comments fly as all participate. It wasn’t watching a show anymore. It was doing something that mattered, together.

Thanks Joel Comm, Vincenzo Landino and the Blab community for rallying together. It is a beautiful and rare thing to see.” – Dawn Carter

It takes a village. Without John’s first bid, without JilleySue’s offer to give away her mic, and without the bidders, this doesn’t happen and I am not writing this article today. Thank you for sharing, Dawn, and thank you you submission and support.

What a blessing the Water is Life Charity Auction was on Friday night by Joel & Vincenzo. I am ecstatic about the generosity of JilleySue and all who participated with donations.  I felt so privileged and excited to see the Auction unfold. It was liking watching an Awards Show!  I am so happy to have been a tweeter and witness something truly life changing!! Can’t wait for Ken of Water is Life to be a guest of your show. I really feel apart of a real community that cares!!”  – Kathryn Weathersby

Did you read that last line?

A community that cares.

These are real people connecting with real people and having real conversations. Should I stress how real this community is again? Where else can you find a group of random folks coming together for a charity that many likely hadn’t heard of before it was introduced at the top of the segment.

Last night (08/28/15) I tuned into Late Night Blab Chat with Joel Comm and Vincenzo Landino which is always fun & engaging.  These two work well together and this was no different.  However, Joel started talking about a charity a friend of his runs called Water Is Life.  This was amazing.  Someone put a Yeti Mic up for auction and soon we had bids going, people tweeting, conversations running in chat and on screen.  As someone who has run charity auctions for business in conjunction with the United Way, this was awesome!!  Joel and Vincenzo made it happen organically with their talk show on BLAB.  It was quite remarkable and some people like myself were moved to tears  We raised money for the charity quickly and on a whim.  Well done guys!  I hope to see more of this!! – Kelly Raymer

the-straw-africaI cannot speak enough about the community, I can only urge you to do your part. Every $10 donation helps one person have clean drinking water for an entire year. Pictured here is what the water straw looks like, and how it works.

With nearly $1000 raised in one, impromptu fundraising session, we saved 100 lives. Wrap your head around that for a second, and then head over to and make a simple donation today.

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