The Blabsaurus (A Lexicon of Blab Terminology)

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The latest slang from Blab users

Blapp (n) – The Blab mobile app

Blabber (n) – One who Blabs

Blabbing (v) – The act of blabbing

Blabaholic (n) – A Blabber who is addicted to Blab

Blabologist (n) – A Blab expert

Blabtastic (adj) – someone or something awesome about Blab

Blabosopher (n) – A Blabber who thinks deeply about the meaning and impact of Blab

Blabtravert (n) – A Blabber who wants face-time

Blabgasm (n) – When your Blab reaches peak excitement

Blab-a-thon (n) – A lengthy Blab created for a cause or purpose

Blabicide (v)- The act of ending your career with a horrendous Blab

Blabpolar (n) – A Blab that changes topics multiple times

Blabinar (v) –  A Blab+Web Show = Blabinar. Conducting/Hosting a webinar using blab. – Submitted by Danette Moss

Blabie (n) – A photograph that one takes of oneself and others while blabbing. A Blabie is typically taken as a screen shot of the blab that includes all participants in the blab via either computer or smartphone. –Submitted by Tyler Anderson

Blabhopping (v) – Hopping from one blab to another

Blurker (n) – A Blabber who only lurks

Blanned (n) – A Blabber who is banned from a Blab

Blabbro (n) – Blabs consisting only of men

BlabJackings (v) – to take over someone else’s Blab with either superior content or through brute force

Nacroblaby (n) – The inability to sleep because of Blab

Props – The act of complimenting, celebrating or otherwise recognizing a Blabber currently on screen. Props are given by clicking on the image of the one receiving them.

Propbombing (v) – The act of sending a bulk of props to one person

Blabsolutely –

Blabnormal (n) – An abnormal Blab or Blabber

BlabbaDabbaDo (int) – An expression to exclaim excitement on a Blab

Blamble (v) – derived from ramble. Defined as someone who talks for a long time in an annoying, confusing or disjointed fashion. – Submitted by Mitch Jackson

Blug (n) – A bug or glitch that arises during a Blab session. Most times, manifest by an echo or in Joel’s case, the rare five box video!

DNB (Do Nothing Blab) – A blab with no purpose.

Bladvertising (v) – advertising on Blab

JetBlabbed (v) – When your sleep schedule is messed up because of Blab

Blabscovery (v) – Being discovered on Blab

SkyBlabbing (v) – Blabbing 30k+ feet in the air

Blabbies (n) –  Besties/BFF’s on Blab i.e. @JoelComm and @VincenzoLandino

Blabsturbating (v) – Sitting in a blab by yourself and blabbing away – Submitted by Terry Bean

Blabbergasted (v) – That moment in a blab when someone is so perplexed, wowed, overwhelmed, or shocked that their words escape them. Left speechless, they often look like they’re staring into space, trying to get their brain to comprehend what was just said. Submitted by Ryan Biello

Doucheblabbery (n) – being a douche on blab

CoBLABoration (n) – A collaboration of Blab friends working together. Submitted by Jenny Stiven

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